Autoglazeit and all it's associated products are supported by Systechnix Innovations Ltd. on all versions of Windows 10

All associated web apps are supported on Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge.

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AUTOGLAZEIT 'On The Move' - Now here is our latest addition to the stable of AUTOGLAZEIT products that will be available during the late spring/summer 2017. This new product works on an iPad or iPad Mini with internet connectivity and allows AUTOGLAZEIT users who operate away from the office to use the full functionality of desk based job card & invoice creation whilst on the road themselves. Create jobs and distribute to other fitters via our PDa app and then catch up with the automatically created paperwork when you get back to the office. It's a perfect lifestyle solution for the growing business where the owner is still very much 'hands on' fitting and repairing glass. 'On The Move' is compatible with INSTANT, SME & ENTERPRISE versions. Call us to find out more.

Post-Code – Our on-line post code finder saves time by automatically finding the address by just typing the post code. Just enter a post code in any address field and the full address is filled in for you. Unlimited use via monthly subscription and one off set up fee. [All versions except Lite-UK only]

VRM – gives a direct access link to Experian’s vast database of vehicle data for model, year, colour, VIN etc. A fast on-line service that provides up to 100 new look up’s each month included in the monthly subscription. [All versions except Lite-UK & ROI only,]

Link to Master Auto Glass, ESG & Pilkington - allows direct link into suppliers database to check prices and availability, as well as placing orders direct on a suppliers system. All orders confirmed immediately by email. [SME & Enterprise only-UK & N.I only]

Link to ASG - allows direct link into supplier database to check prices and availability, as well as placing orders direct on a suppliers system. All orders confirmed immediately by email. [SME & Enterprise only-ROI only]

SMS – allows you to send jobs, quotes and even receipts by SMS to a mobile phone. Just buy a block of texts and use them as you require. They never expire, no matter how long you keep them, so buy bigger bundles to save money. [All versions except Lite-Global]

PDa – allows you to distribute jobs to your technicians and collect customer signatures, via smart phone technology. We now have versions available for both iPhone and Android phones. Call us direct for more details.[All versions except Lite-Global]

HUB – allows you to send and receive jobs between HUB members and franchise groups or receive from web sites, fleet, insurance or brokerage customers. For AUTOGLAZEIT INSTANT and above, it’s a great way to offer your customers a wider, and even nationwide service. All your data is secure on our bank of internet servers. [All versions except Lite-Global]

Call Centre – allows you to operate a single call handling location and then distribute jobs to your branches. Save time, save money and channel your resources in the most efficient way with this enhancement for AUTOGLAZEIT ENTERPRISE. [Enterprise only-Global]

Currency – allows you to trade cross border in dual currency, within AUTOGLAZEIT ENTERPRISE. Just set your accounts up as either GBP or EURO (other currencies can be supported) and AUTOGLAZEIT will automatically bill in the correct currency, whilst reporting to you in the base currency. [Enterprise only-Global]